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All the stuff you wanted to know about COD4


Upcoming Patch Updates, bold being the ones you rly complained about:
  • Addition of Host Migration: If Host of lobby leaves, all players will be deposited back to the lobby where next best host will be selected before new game restarts. Players will no longer be kicked out of game entirely.

  • Improved Network Performance For Larger Games: 18 player games now require more bandwidth to host, resulting in smoother performance for players.

  • Optimized Server Selection for First Match: Server selection is now optimized to select best bandwidth servers associated by LSP.

  • Updated Spectator "Chase Cam": Change Spectator Mode: Switch between First Person and Third Person. 360 Degree rotation around character you're spectating.

  • Fixed "Playlist Older Than Host" Error: Player will no longer get error when entering games.

  • Optimized Corrupt Create-a-Class Handling: Players will no longer be kicked from game when their create-a-class data is corrupted.

  • Kill Cam view Added: Air Strike Bombs (Follows bomb from plane to target)

  • Kill Cam view Added: Grenades (Follows frag from hand to ground, then rotates to view target)

  • Kill Cam view Added: RPGs (Follows RPG from launch to target)

  • Kill Cam view Added: M203 Rounds (Follows round from launcher to target)

  • Kill Cam view Added: Claymores (Views from behind claymore until explosion)

  • Kill Cam view Added: C4 Packs (View from pack rotating to watch target)

  • Kill Cam view Added: Martyrdom (View from grenade rotating to watch target)

  • Added Unlimited Sprint (old school)

  • Doubled Magazine Size (old school)

  • Added Ragdoll Cam (old school)

  • Additional Start Spawn Locations in All Maps: Added a minimum of 9 extra start spawns on each side of all maps.

  • Optimized Sniper Rifle / ACOG Scope Accuracy: Sniper Rifles and ACOG scope accuracy improved due to fix.

  • Fixed Weapon Sprint Bug: Bug which gave players more sprint when using particular weapons

and the prestiges are...

And explaining some of the "BS":
Juggernaut : 1.75x Health
Stopping Power : 1.4x Damage Multiplier; When used on juggernaut player both effects negate (thus typically giving the advantage to stopping power)
Double Tap: 1.5x Fire Rate Multiplier
Sonic Boom : 1.25x Explosive Damage Multiplier
Martyrdom grenades are on a 2.5 second timer.

This is an image of the gun statistics, which might explain bullshit

The reason why that crappy gun takes too long to get (MP44) is because it's a reference to the older games that no one cares about.

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